Ghana’s Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Barbara Asamoah says the country’s new mining law to guide government in its management of the mining and minerals sector will be ready by end of year.

The law, when fully operational, will define usage of the country’s mineral resources for national development.

Delays in passing law

The law has faced delays and was initiated in 1999, and went through various stakeholder consultations and independent review in 2001, and currently before cabinet for the necessary scrutiny.

Explaining the delay at a conference in London, Mrs. Asamoah said: “The law has delayed because the ministry was consulting with key stakeholders in the industry before it was introduced.”

Public consultation

“It is very important that we bring onboard the major stakeholders in the mining sector. For our part, we have put everything together. But what we are doing now is allowing inputs from the public,” she said.

She confirmed that the new mining law, should it come to force, is expected to better regulate the industry and ensure that Ghana benefits more from the sector.

“The law will also tighten regulations in areas of revenue, licencing and protecting the environment,” she remarked.

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