South African mining executive Patrice Motsepe and has donated $1 million (R11 million) towards the fight against Ebola in West Africa.

The former lawyer and founder of African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) donated the sum, on behalf of the Motsepe Foundation and ARM, to the Ebola Fund in the Republic of Guinea.

Motsepe made the commitment to Guinea a few weeks ago and the appropriate regulatory approvals were obtained on Friday.

Fund apportionment

The donation will assist Guinea with clinical management, social mobilisation, medical coordination and other key mechanisms of controlling the disease.

The Motsepe Foundation will continue to contribute and assist in the fight against Ebola in West Africa and will work together with various stakeholders and other interested parties.

To date, the Ebola outbreak has claimed close to 5 000 people, mostly in West Africa.

The World Health Organisation has urged for greater international intervention in the crisis, stating that this figure could rise drastically by the end of January if efforts to fight the outbreak is not stepped up.

International rally

Motsepe has called on the African and international business community and the medical fraternity to continue contributing and assisting to fight the disease which has claimed thousands of lives in the latest outbreak.

“According to the World Health Organisation, Ebola is an epidemic in certain countries in West Africa. However the impact of the disease has potentially far-reaching consequences for West Africa, Africa and the world. It is a global issue which requires the global community to work together and bring an end to the disease” said Motsepe.

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