Toronto-listed diamond explorer Pangolan Diamonds announced the recovery of additional kimberlite indicator minerals at its Malatswae Project in Botswana.

Pangolan announced on Friday that its completed detailed surface sampling programme at the Malatswae Project showed that all indicator minerals exhibit features consistent with a proximal host rock such as kimberlite.

Earlier discovery

A total of 62 close-spaced soil samples from 31 sample sites were collected to further qualify the earlier discovery of three diamonds and kimberlite indicator minerals from within a 1 km2 area of the Malatswae Project.

Pangolan said in a statement that thirteen indicator minerals from nine additional samples have primary features including friable reaction mantles and possible adhering kimberlite.

The miner previously reported diamondiferous zones at the exploration site, and said its new sampling programme and grains are from two separate source areas in close proximity to the previously reported diamonds.

Mineral grains

In total, 13 mineral grains and a fragment of garnet peridotite were recovered from the two areas, stated Pangolan.

“The mineral grains are variously described as displaying primary features including reaction surfaces on pyrope, soft reaction mantles on picroilmenite, fragile cracked grains of olivine and/or enstatite with possible adhering kimberlite, and picroilmenite with possible adhering kimberlite,” noted the company.

“The garnet peridotite fragment contains two pyrope garnets, olivine, and secondary chlorite and measures 2.5 by 1.5 by 1.0 millimetres. Eleven of the mineral grains report at least one dimension greater than one millimetre.”

Ground magnetic survey

Pangolin has already completed a ground magnetic survey over a three-by-three kilometre on the MSC Grid.

The miner is now collecting ground gravity points over specific magnetic features in close proximity to the kimberlite indicator minerals and diamonds recovered on the MSC Grid.

A diamond drill is on route to the MSC Grid. Drilling was expected to begin on or before 8 November 2014.

Soil sampling

At each sample site three soil samples were collected. First a 20 kilogram unscreened sample was collected within a 50-metre radius of the GPS controlled sample site.

All samples were then transported to Francistown, Botswana and processed through Pangolin’s DMS plant.

The concentrates were subsequently delivered to an independent mineral specialist in Gaborone, Botswana who sorted and recovered the indicator minerals.

The indicators were then delivered to MCC Geoscience for examination.

Pangolin is the 100% owner of four separate projects throughout Botswana inclusive of the Tsabong North, Jwaneng South, Malatswae and Mmadinare Projects.

Pangolan is set on building a leading diamond exploration and development company in the heart of Botswana – one of the world’s leading diamond producing countries.

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