The future of mining part one continued…

Mechanical Blasting

CEO of electronic detonation systems supplier, DetNet, Gys Landman discussed the automation and advancements in mechanical blasting in the mining industry. He said that blasting was particularly energy efficient, adding that it was a preferred system in big rock breaking. Digitising and exploiting blasting information counts among the advancements made in blasting operations at mines. He noted that other steps in the industry could be looking into more user-friendly blasting technology and integrated processes.

Conveying vs trucking

In-pit crushing and conveying is a more efficient alternative to conventional methods of material movements and trucking, according to Nico van Aarde, market development and sales at Sandvik Mining Systems. “When comparing IPCC to trucking, there is a greater element of safety as there is less vehicle interaction. Also when comparing electrical motors or conveyors versus diesel engines, we find that IPPC is more efficient’.

Exploration Accuracy

The challenge in underground exploration and drilling, and focus of technology development in this area would be both accuracy, and the speed of drilling function, said Bjorn Gohre. He further explained that greater accuracy and precision is achieved in down the hole drilling and Sandvik designed its equipment around the forces exerted by DTH drilling as opposed to adapting other types of drills to accommodate DTH drilling.