Personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturer Midas has expanded the reach of its protective gloves in Africa thanks to its successful long-term partnership with regional PPE expert North Safety.

Midas’ relationship with North started more than 15 years ago when North became its first supplier in Africa. Midas regional sales manager for Africa and Middle East, Manu Vikraman notes that Midas and North worked together from the beginning to develop the trusted Ninja brand of safety gloves. “North has an intimate knowledge and understanding of how the gloves are made, and the company has done exceptionally well in promoting the Ninja brand across Africa,” he states.

Canada-based Midas is recognised as an industry-leader in safety glove innovation, and was one of the first manufacturers to develop safety gloves that feature different coatings, without compromising on comfort. “We have invested heavily in research and development and are regarded as a leader in new product development. Midas works diligently with customers and end users to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of the PPE industry,” adds Vikraman.

Midas exclusively supplies the Ninja brand through North in Sub-Saharan Africa. Vikraman points out that the gloves are laboratory-tested and come with a technical backing. “Rather than reducing the quality in order to bring down the costs, we sell quality products to the end users to ensure that workers feel safe and happy, which results in an increase in efficiency.

“For us comfort comes first and performance after. North Safety believes in this same value, that’s why we’ve had a great relationship with the company for many years. Our main objective is to protect the working hands of the world, and North helps us achieve that,” Vikraman concludes.

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