The Mining Charter demands that mining houses contribute to their host communities; Ramesh Chhagan, group manager: Community Development at Exxaro, discusses the company’s successful holistic approach to fulfilling this requirement – building sustainable communities, and spending approximately R80 million a year on community development. By Mpinane Senkhane

Black-owned and diversified group Exxaro Resources has adopted a unique approach to community development. Ramesh Chhagan says the group has always made it a point to prioritise the community as much as it prioritises the bottom line.

“You must understand, mines operate under a completely different set of rules. Community development is not just a “nice to have” thing that we do for philanthropic reasons. It was the case many years ago but, now, it is a specific requirement of the Mining Charter, which says one must produce a social and labour plan that is linked to one’s mining license to operate” Chhagan says.

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