Following 19 years of consistent growth, Banding & Identification (ID) Solutions Africa continues to extend its reach into Southern Africa through value-added customer offerings such as; free demonstrations, technical support and product training.

Banding & ID Solutions Africa distributes and manufactures Band-It stainless steel strapping and buckles under license from USA-based Band-It-Idex, a world leader in quality engineered band clamping and fastening solutions. It was purchased by the current owners, John Yorke and Terry O’Kelly, in 1998.

The company’s range includes products for cable fixing, securing CV joints, sign mounting, emergency pipe repair and maintenance, and hose clamping. Banding & ID Solutions Africa also supplies various types of hose and cable identification systems, stainless steel cable ties for general fastening, cable trays, and cable and wire management solutions.

Banding and ID Solutions Africa business manager Rosa Remendos notes that Band-It steel strapping is used extensively in the mining, construction, chemical and food processing industries. “We supply electrical distributors and end-users, and import grade 201 and 316 stainless steel strapping and buckles for special applications, due to its strength and resistance to rust and pollution.”

According Remendos, the company is gaining market share in industries that include; food processing, cable production, as well as manufacturing, chemical and mineral processing plants. “In order to grow our end-user market, we have put together a broad plan to tackle all aspects of manufacturing, processing and mining activities in Southern Africa over the next two years.”

Banding and ID Solutions Africa offers a complete package, which adds measurable value to the wide product range supplied by the company. “Our package includes product training and after-sales service, thereby ensuring that customers have full peace-of-mind and value-for-money,” she adds.

As a certified member of the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA), the business sets itself apart from its competitors. “It is a certification that indicates that we adhere to the SASSDA code of conduct, which encourages professionalism and integrity in a fiercely competitive market,” Remendos notes.

In an effort to continually strengthen its customer relationships, Banding & ID Solutions regularly orders quality stock from Band-It UK and USA, thereby guaranteeing a high-quality product offering in competitive turnaround times. As a result, Remendos concludes by adding that she is confident that Banding and ID Solutions Africa has the potential for significant growth moving forward.


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