Image 1The results of the joint venture between Ncamiso Mining, construction material supplier AfriSam, and Pan African Resources owned Evander Gold Mine to screen and rehabilitate Evander have seen great progress.

“This was an opportunity for us to increase Evander’s metallurgical plants’ gold yield, while decreasing state-owned liability of derelict mine dumps and plant areas that were previously deemed to be of no value and a scenic eye-sore,” says Fikile Mashinini, Managing Director, Ncamiso.

Ncamiso is responsible for delivering toll treatment material to Evander’s metallurgical plant, cleaning spillage material from the conveyor belts and feeding the bins. All material is sampled, and bottle-rolls stimulating plant conditions are done in order to verify recovery so that proper metal accounting is carried out.

The site has yielded additional gold from recovered materials, and seen an overall positive effect on Evander’s profit margin.They also handle on-site sampling of delivered material and screening at -25mm.

“The AfriSam dumps contain about 2.5 million metric tons of material of which around 25% is gold bearing when screened at -25mm,” Mashinini explains. “To date 200 kg of gold has already been recovered and delivered to Evander from about 150 000 metric tons of material screened at -25mm and bearing 1.8 grams of gold per ton.”

Several improvements in the state of the environment within and around the gold mine are evident.

The estimated date of completion for the operation is 2020, with an estimated lifespan of the dump to be 11 years.