dsc_6297A new supply group to the shaft sinking and mining industry has been launched at Electra Mining, named the South African Shaft Sinking, Equipment and Services (SASSES). The group was formed to support South African manufacturers and will represent companies that supply shaft sinking, equipment and services to the industry throughout Africa.

SASSES is the brainchild of members of the The South African Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC), who realised the need for the group in the marketplace.

Two of the members who will champion the group are Elena Diez del Corral of Expectra and Ted Cruickshank of WEBA SA. Currently, the group consists of ten members and hope to expand the group to include other South African manufacturers and suppliers as well.

The other companies include: Expectra International, Fachem Group, Fermel, George Stott, Master Drilling, Motor Control and Automation, Ryonic Robotics, Vula Drilling, and WJ Engineering.

“The key concept is for SASSES to become a turn-key solution for industry, so that we create an environment where customers don’t have to look around,” explained Cruickshank. Diez del Corral added that mining companies don’t always know where to go when they need products and services for shaft sinking purposes.

The SACEEC, together with their partners and affiliates, have been working closely with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTi), the Department of Mineral Resources and the Chamber of Mines to establish a local supplier directory to assist with creating critical linkages between South African manufacturers and customers in both the local and international markets.

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