rockwell_automation_headquartersIn a white paper outlining the implementation and benefits of a connected mine, Rockwell Automation suggests companies looking to gain new flexibility in an effort to meet future supply-chain demands need to take the necessary actions to migrate control systems.

Connectivity and information sharing can improve business performance and reduce risk, by updating historically disparate systems. This creates a new level of operational intelligence and improved productivity for mining operators.

“Controllers, smart devices and software in a connected mine can give you access to thousands of points of process and machine data that, until now, have been inaccessible,” said Paul McRoberts, regional manager of Industry Mining, Metals and Cement, Rockwell Automation. “Throughput sensors can monitor feed and processing rates, flow, viscosity and other variables to help improve asset performance.”

Through the convergence of information technology and operations technology, mining operators have the ability to streamline data management, gather better insights and predict recoveries.

By collecting data from various equipment and distributed points, operators and managers are also able to make improvements across the operation – from hitting daily targets to improving asset performance and throughput.

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