nealfronemanxxxfebruary192015The keynote address by Neal Froneman, CEO of Sibanye Gold and Vice President of the Chamber of Mines of South Africa at the Joburg Indaba 2016 intended to provide his perspective on what he believed could be achieved by the mining industry as a result of the collective and aligned efforts of all stakeholders.

Looking at the agenda for this year’s Indaba, it is clear that delegates will be expected to consider how the industry will make further meaningful progress towards realising a vision of a modernised industry.

“A modern mining industry will optimally extract and beneficiate the country’s natural resources, causing no harm to people or the planet. It benefits both the local community as well as the national economy. It procures locally, it is a preferred employer of well skilled people and creates appropriate risk adjusted returns for investors,” Froneman said.

He also highlighted 3 steps or stages in order to turn the industry around so it can realise its full potential.

The first step he mentioned was to acknowledging our past, which was a necessary precondition for the next two steps.

These were; the industry’s need to agree upon a vision for the mining industry, and lastly, the development of a social and economic compact that would create superior value for all stakeholders.

Froneman believes the ambitious vision can be realised through a renewed collective will and re-booted relationships not contaminated with historical perceptions and legacies.

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