22254-608x800Niger authorities have evacuated forty eight Sudanese to the Chadian city of Abeche for illegally prospecting for gold in its territories, said Sudan’s Foreign Ministry.

On Monday, Sudan’s Foreign Ministry under-secretary Abdel-Ghani al-Nai’m discussed with the Consul-General of the Niger embassy in Khartoum, Oagda Garba, the conditions of the Sudanese miners in Niger.

During the meeting, Garba strongly denied targeting of Sudanese nationals in Niger, vowing to follow up on the issue and coordinate with the Sudanese authorities to overcome problems that may arise in this regard.

In August this year, Mauritania deported 100 Sudanese miners who had sneaked into its territory illegally, and in July,  media reports in Khartoum said that Niger had arrested 1000 Sudanese miners and confiscated their property for entering the country illegally.

Sudan approved a law to regulate traditional mining by granting licenses and specifying areas to work in, in order to protect those areas from hazardous conditions and smuggling.

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