It is possible to join pipes faster and safer with a permanent solution, while saving time and money. Victaulic Engineering has been producing pipe joining solutions that join pipes up to 50% and 60% faster.

“In some cases we can join pipes 70% faster than a welded or flanged system,” says Barry van Jaarsveld, regional manager, Vitaulic Engineering.

What makes their system unique is that there is no welding required. “We are able to train semi-skilled workers to join pipes with our system,” explains Van Jaarsveld, and adds that training can be done in many sub-Saharan countries.

Van Jaarsveld says that there is a huge misconception in the field that the Victaulic joining system is a temporary solution. “We are working very hard to change this perceived idea, as our joining system is a permanent solution.”

He adds that the solution can be applied to any form of stainless steel or carbon steel pipes. They also have a solution for HDPE pipes. The joining method can also be applied to any utility piping system, including pipes for water, air, diesel, as well as dewatering and service water pipelines.


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