_drb8nowThe Chamber of Mines has expressed its concerns on the revised version of the Draft Reviewed Mining Charter (DRMC) following the submission to parliament by the Department of Mineral Resource’s (DMR), Deputy Director General, Mosa Mabuza on Wednesday.

The Chamber claims the DMR has chosen to produce its own version of the draft “without properly engaging any stakeholders other than their receiving submissions.”

“The Chamber would have preferred a situation where the stakeholders in Mining Industry Growth and Development Employment Task Team (MIGDETT) had the opportunity to engage extensively in the development of the stakeholder-agreed mining charter, as was the case in 2002 and 2010 for the first two versions of the Charter,” said the Chamber in a statement issued on Thursday.

While compiling the review of the draft, the Chamber states that the DMR did not consider or include their submissions, objections and recommendations.

They stress their exclusion in consultations with the DMR, emphasising that since the publication of the first DRMC in April 2016, they have only been invited to two meetings, despite their willingness to engage with the DMR on the matter.

The Chamber’s CEO Roger Baxter notes that the DRMC contains ill-considered and unachievable targets, and that its implementation in its current form will have dire consequences for the mining industry, and the entire South African economy, at a time when both are facing significant challenges.

“The cumulative effect of all DMR’s proposals, combined with existing corporate taxes and royalties, skills development levies and more, would materially affect the viability of an industry already in crisis,” he said.

Finally, the Chamber notes that despite the serious viability crisis currently being faced by the South African mining sector, the DMR has not offered or displayed any interest in assisting the industry through this crisis.