Just Coal CEO, Joe Singh has admitted to paying a R500 000 “donation” to the ANC Youth League for their assistance with an R8 billion business deal at Eskom.

Speaking to Radio 702 on Monday, the CEO said that the ANCYL President, Collen Maine offered to help with the facilitation of their deal with Eskom. ​This was after the company was given termination notice by Eskom, as reported by the Sunday Times.

The newspaper said Eskom had given notice it was planning to terminate its R8 billion contract with Just Coal. Owners of the company met with Maine‚ who allegedly promised to find a “political solution” to its problems with Eskom‚ but that this would come at a price – a R500 000 donation to the ANCYL.

“We did give​ the money to the ANCYL. R500 000. But what was asked was that the ANCYL obviously needs certain donations and we are interested in the youth. It is not as dirty as it looks,” said Singh to Radio 702.

Singh‚ claims to have been “forced” to pay “donations” to many Gauteng politicians and senior Eskom executives‚ as well as make a contribution of at least 50 trucks to a company linked to now suspended Eskom acting CEO Matshela Koko, the newspaper said.

He claims Maine never delivered the promised “political solution” and the contract was subsequently terminated.

Maine confirmed that he “did receive the donation as requested by myself on behalf of the youth league”. He said it was paid into the youth league’s bank account‚ the Sunday Times reported.

The coal company has now turned to parliament and the courts seeking its reinstatement.

Two ANCYL national executive committee members claimed the league had been expecting R1 million from Just Coal, but only received half of the amount. The executives accused Maine of using the leagues name for his personal gain and said they suspected he pocketed the missing half.

“He is doing business deals using the name of the organisation. We were told there would be a donation of R1 million but only half reached our coffer,” the members said.