The Infrastructure and Logistics Workshop will provide delegates with information vital to develop an understanding of the cost and operational components of the logistics necessary to efficiently and effectively deliver coal to industrial and power generation users, and for export into regional and global markets.

Significant challenges face both the Mid-Tier, and the Junior Coal mining sectors in meeting the quantity, quality and delivery requirements of their markets. To equip delegates to meet these challenges, this Workshop aims to provide the following:

  • A networking platform as regards support for the logistics operations that serve the energy sector in South and Southern Africa
  • Information on the likely markets of the futureand what infrastructure and logistics will be required to service those needs
  • An outline of the challenges with regard to funding facing Mid-Tier and Junior Miners, followed by forthcoming developments designed to address those issues
  • Information to ensure that more efficient, effective and cost-containable logistics servicesare provided to the coal industry in order to meet the quantity, quality and delivery requirements of those markets
Topics to be addressed

  • Eskom’s coal requirements
  • Local and global markets, now and in the future
  • Current and impending infrastructure and logistics developments
  • The potential for inland terminals and centralised washing facilities
  • Legal and funding mechanisms that incorporate logistics as part of operating model
  • The future for the Junior Miners in South Africa’s coal sector
Who should attend:

  • Coal mining managers, sales and logistics personnel
  • Mining policy strategists and economists
  • Coal procurement managers for all industrial users of coal
  • Eskom and Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
  • Coal traders and marketing agents
  • Infrastructure service providers and developers
  • Road, rail and port service providers
  • Funding agencies –International, Governmental, Private Equity funders and established lenders.
  • Government departments
  • Economists and national strategists
  • Consultants and academics
Date: 15 November 2017

Venue: Glenhove Conference Centre
52 Glenhove Road, Melrose, Johannesburg

Registration Fees: Members of FFF – R2 600.00 per day
Non-members – R2 995.00 per day
Retirees and Academics – R1 500.00 per day
Full time students – R1 000.00 per day

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