Mining company Konkola Copper mines has gone ahead with outsourcing labour without concluding existing disputes with mine unions in the country, according to various unions.

KCM Vice President: human capital management, Chimango Chikwanda, said KCM has outsourced about five foreign contractors, and about 200 workers have already been seconded.

She said KCM intends to second over 1 000 miners to the outsourced contractors. This desison has been been made though disputes with the mine unions are still at large.

“We have so far seconded about 200 workers to the outsourced contractors. All these workers are still under Konkola Copper Mines so there should be no fears” Chikwanda said.

She said that some of the outsourced contractors have already arrived at the mines and are undertaking various mining expertise.

Chikwanda noted the contractors, as Reliant and Minopex both from South Africa, MMS China, Scalmont of South America and CMC of Italy.

Mineworkers Union of Zambia, general secretary, Joseph Chewe expressed the organisations ignorance over the decision taken by Konkola and  said the Unions were not aware that such a move went ahead without their knowledge.


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