Hytec Engineering, part of the Hytec Group, recently purchased an additional four CNC (computerised numerical control) machines bringing their number of owned machines to seven.

According to the compnay, the CNC machines are specifically used to manufacture hydraulic cylinder componentry and will achieve major quality improvements stemming from the repeatability produced by CNC machining.

“It is proven that, for volume-based projects, CNC machining produces a much greater quantity of machined parts, with a lot more accuracy in a fraction of the time, when compared to manual machining,” said the company.

“On the other hand, for once-off milling or turning, the manual machining process outperforms a CNC machine, purely because of the programming delay in setting up the machining requirements.”

Increased efficiency

Hytec noted that once a component has been programmed it is stored so when a repeat item order is required, the process is simple and fast. Recalling the program and beginning the machining process is all that is required.

“Now that we’ve programmed a database of components into the new machines they will significantly increase the production of hydraulic cylinder-machined componentry,” pointed out Pierre Goosen, General Manager, Hytec Engineering.

As a database of components has already been programmed into the new machines, production of the required hydraulic cylinder components will increase significantly.

“The real impact,” Goosen emphasised, “is in new cylinder component manufacturing as the drawings required to program the machines are readily available.”

Goosen explained the importance of personnel training on these machine types. “It is equivalent to writing a computer program,” he pointed out, “and training, then more training and lots of on-the-job practice is required.”

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