With the increasing demand for medium to large mobile cranes, Johnson Crane has strengthened its position as a leading crane hire company by proactively monitoring crane usage at its 14 branches and ensuring machines are readily available directly from its branch network.

Sales executive at Johnson Crane Hire, Peter Yaman said, “Our customer driven focus has always been to ensure that crane hire needs are met in the individual regions we service, and this is only possible by maintaining close relationships with existing customers and understanding the market demands.”

Yaman said analysis of the usage and demand statistics allowed the company to plan ahead. He said this has allowed the company to take delivery of one 250 tonne and two 140 tonne machines with two 100 tonne mobile cranes due for delivery mid-2018.

He added that the level of planning facilitated the phased delivery of the new machines as well as the reallocation of cranes from the existing fleet to the Johnson Crane Hire branches that needed them, thereby facilitating optimum availability.

“It is not unusual to reallocate various capacity mobile cranes to those branches that have shown increased demand, and by doing this we empower our team in those regions to offer an even more rapid response,” Yaman said. “It is all about having the appropriate mobile cranes available where and when the customer needs.”

Commenting on the new machines acquired by the company, Yaman said the Liebherr LTM 1250 mobile crane was not new to the Johnson Crane Hire fleet, however unlike the existing six axle LTM 1250-6.1 machines in the fleet, the new 250 t unit is a five-axle machine making it more compact and lightweight.

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