OEM specialist and battery driven vehicle solutions provider, Battery Power Industries (BPI), has announced its official launch in South Africa.

The company, which specialises in developing battery energy, electrical traction and high speed charging systems for underground mining equipment said it hopes to achieve zero emissions for its equipment by using advanced battery energy systems technology.

With its origins within local consulting engineering firm, Thuthukani Engineering Solutions, BPI said its offering will consist of integration and supply of electric vehicle traction systems, battery powered mining vehicles, zero emissions technologies, EV-Lithium battery systems, and charging systems.

“With experience in meeting mining industry related challenges through the implementation of the latest battery technology, BPI provides solutions to enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and safety of mining operations,” said the company in a statement.

BPI’s capabilities include the design, manufacturing and integration of all necessary components for a full electrical traction system and related charging infrastructure.

This includes the careful consideration and integration of all auxiliary systems and battery storage units, including; traction, cooling, electrical management, and distribution systems.

“Our designs are able to outperform traditional diesel-fueled vehicles on the market through their ability to eliminate diesel particulate emissions and achieve considerable energy cost savings and lower overall machine costs,” said, Calvin Coetzee, Electrical Systems Engineer, Thuthukani Engineering.

“We aim to remove all emissions and harmful equipment from use in mining operations as part of our innovation-led approach to sustainable mining. This approach applies innovative thinking and cutting edge technologies to address mining’s major challenges.”

The advent of these patented electric vehicle and battery systems designs developed by the team at Thuthukani captured the attention of the IDC who have provided BPI with a working capital facility to fund further commercialisation, R&D, and potential future manufacturing capabilities.

BPI is still in the process of securing additional R&D funding alongside their existing commercial systems

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