Ethiopia is expected to start extracting the first ever natural gas deposit from the Ethio-Somali Region as of 28 June.

According to The Reporter, Chinese company Poly-GCL, engaged in an oil and gas exploration and development project in March 2018, which is based in the Ethio-Somali Regional State and has already discovered oil and natural gas deposits.

The amount of gas reserve discovered by Poly-GCL is estimated to be 6 to 8 Trillion Cubic Feet.

The oil and gas company, which signed a petroleum development agreement with then Ministry of Mines to the Calub and Hilala gas fields in in Ogaden basin, is set to start extraction of the natural gas deposits as of tomorrow.

The natural gas deposit is scheduled to be transported to Addis Ababa and other parts of the country, where it will be distributed to cement factories.

Officials, from both the federal and Ethio-Somali region will attend the inaugural ceremony, which will be held on 28 June 2018. The delegation of officials, which includs Meles Alemu, Minister of Mines, Petroleum & Natural Gas will arrive in Ogaden.

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