With power utility, Eskom’s announcement to re-institute load-shedding due to a constrained power supply, power generation products manufacturer, Cummins, said mining projects would have to rely heavily on alternative power solutions.

Robin Kuriakose, Sales Lead for Power, Cummins South Africa said about the company, “We are a one-stop solutions for multiple back-up power requirements for largescale clients such as mining operations or factories.

“Our key differentiator is that we are able to supply a small 17 kVA genset for residential or commercial use, all the way to a 3 750 kVA unit for mining, data centre, and hospital applications, for example. Not only do we supply the gensets themselves, but all ancillary components, from air and oil filters and even coolant.”

Why Cummins

According to Kuriakose, Cummins’ technology is particularly suited to dealing with load shedding due to features such as full load acceptance for critical equipment.

In addition, its energy-efficient engines not only comply with international emission standards, but also have a high fuel tolerance level, which makes them ideal for arduous African operating conditions.

“With load shedding expected to put a dampener on economic growth in the short to medium term, it’s advisable that mining operations have efficient alternative power solutions in place in order to maintain productivity,” he added.

Kuriakose noted that Cummins does supplement its gensets with maintenance contracts of varying duration, depending on the application and specific requirements. He said this ranges from simple inspection and cleaning to a recommended yearly service of any standby units.

“Clients also have peace of mind in that we only use certified installers, in addition to being able to offer the type of warranty that sets an industry benchmark,” Kuriakose concluded.

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