Operations at Epanko Spinal mines in Ulanga district have been halted temporarily, in order for government to thoroughly check mining licences and processes.

Deputy Minister for Minerals Dotto Biteko ordered a team of experts from the Mineral Commission to appraise all licences and processes to ensure mining activities are conducted legally.

The deputy minister formed the team on 13 June 2018, to inspect the mining sites in Morogoro region’s Mahenge and Ulanga districts, following his tour of Ulanga district, where he discovered huge smuggling of minerals, resulting in massive tax evasion – denying the government of its due revenues.

“The report from the team of experts confirmed various shortfalls at Epanko mines. Currently, the government is getting royalties and taxes amounting to only 25 million, which is peanuts considering the scale of the mining activities at the mines,” said Biteko.

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