Suppliers of niche market container products, Specialised Container Agencies, have developed an intermodal side tipper bin, that provides efficient bulk handling rail solutions,which encourag greater utilisation of rail wagon container haulage.

Ken Mouritzen, director, Specialised Container Agencies, said, “SCA’s intermodal tipper bins ensure quick, safe and cost-efficient bulk handling in mining, rail and road applications.

According to Mouritzen, a single tipper bin is able to hold 30 metric tons for road transport.

He said, “Robust intermodal side tipper bins are easily handled onto container rail wagons and road trucks by a container handler. They are also able to increase payload on rail wagons from 54 metric tons to 60 metric tons.”

Mouritzen noted that for the transporter, the benefits of using robust intermodal side tipper bins were lower operating costs, minimal cargo loss and weather-proof tarpaulins that ensured product integrity during transport.

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