Engineering company, TDS Projects Construction, has been awarded the contract for two projects at Exxaro Matla’s Mine2 and Mine3. This entails both mine development and infrastructure development.

TDS said they would be working alongside Newrak Mining with whom they have entered into a joint venture for the integrated projects. Under the terms of the contract, the project will be jointly managed by the two companies.

“We will work together firstly on mining development that will focus on tunnel drilling and blasting to make way for decline and vertical infrastructure construction in Matla’s Mine 2 and Mine 3. TDS will then head up the infrastructure development project,” said TDS in a statement.

The scope of work for the mine development phase of the project for Matla 2 and Matla 3 will consist of drilling, blasting, mucking and the hauling of inter-seam material and coal to develop the initial run-around.

It will also include development of the roof support, gunniting of walls and roof incline sections and maintaining equipment.

For the infrastructure development, TDS is providing full turn-key infrastructure development. This includes complete design, procurement, fabrication, installation, construction and commissioning for civils, road inclines, plinths, mechanicals, Decline and Incline conveyors, EC&I, supply water and waste water extension and electrical reticulation.

“This infrastructure development will advance Exxaro’s coal mining operations at Matla,” added Hennie Coetzee, Managing Director, TDS.

“We are extremely enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with Newrak on this project and we look forward to establishing a long and successful relationship with Exxaro.”

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