Manufacturer and minerals producer, Pratley, has diversified into a wide range of industrial sectors since the company was founded in 1948.

This year it celebrates its 70th anniversary, with over 1 000 products in its stable, and 350 global patents.

In 2018 alone, the company has introduced four new products, with at least another three in the pipeline. This, according to the company, is in addition to various advances in its manufacturing and production methodologies.

“We are committed to research and development (R&D), and we see our future in our ongoing run of new products. I certainly also hope to see us establish a successful global presence,” commented CEO Kim Pratley.

The company said that its ongoing success was owing to a combination of its intense R&D focus and total in-house control of the manufacturing process.

It noted that the company also runs a mining operation to produce Perlite and Clinoptilolite (zeolite) minerals using proprietary minerals-processing technology.

“These ores form the basis of a range of highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly mineral-based products, for a wide range of applications. These include ultra-lightweight concrete screeds and thermally-insulating cement plasters, pollution clean-up products, water treatment, swimming pool/pond filtration, and even farming and horticulture,” said Pratley.

The CEO added that she believes another reason for the company’s success was that it doesn’t only supply top solutions to its customers to establish longstanding relationships, but also to ensure it responds to the changing market needs.

She noted that this has resulted in a wealth of brand loyalty over the last 70 years, attributable in part to the Group’s policy of outperforming all other competing products on the world market.


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