US family-owned group, Derrick Corporation, have noted several new product developments including a Super Stack Sizer, which is currently undergoing plant trials.

According to the company, the Super Stack Sizer is a fine particle wet sizing screen, which offers up to eight individual screen decks, operating in parallel, positioned one above the other.

“The machine, which is 1.5 m wide, is designed to increase the capacity of our five-deck Stack Sizer by up to two-and-a-half times on a similar footprint.

“It will find favour in high capacity plants, such as copper processing facilities, where tonnages frequently exceed 1 000 t/h.”

The sizing screen is currently undergoing plant trials at strategic locations around the world and is expected to become commercially available in 2019.

“The test to establish if one of our screens will work for a particular task, other than closing of a mill circuit, is to determine quality by size fraction. If an upgrade is evident, then the Stack Sizer needs further investigation,” said Nic Barkhuysen, Vice President ,Derrick Solutions International Africa.

He added that panel openings as fine as 38 micron in non-blinding, long-life urethane surfaces were employed on the screens.

Derrick Africa, which is the exclusive authorised distributor of the US group’s mineral processing equipment in Africa is also working on front-to-back dry screens and three-dimensional (3D) synthetic surfaces on its Hyperpool screens.


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