Global engine manufacturer and power leader, Cummins Inc, has developed a revolutionary global heavy-duty engine platform using a combination of patented technologies and advanced production techniques.

Cummins ISG has been developed specifically for heavy-duty commercial applications such as mining and construction tippers, tractors, and forklifts.

Bo Fu, Sales and Business Development Manager, Cummins explained that the ISG is available in 10.5 litre and 11.8 litre displacements, ranging from 228 kW to 382 kW, in order to meet a broad range of on-highway market requirements and emissions standards.

He said,“The series features an optimised power-to-weight ratio, with a sculptured block that retains high rigidity while removing unnecessary mass. Weight-savings are enhanced further by the use of composite materials for the oil pan and valve cover.

“This results in a remarkably low engine weight of only 862 kg, while retaining all of the structural strength and durability that characterises Cummins’ heavy-duty engines.”

He explained that the low-weight design of the Cummins ISG series means that more payload can be delivered, making it the ideal power solution for heavy-duty trucks in long-haul, regional-haul, and vocational applications, as well as buses, motor coaches, fire trucks, and recreational vehicles.

“The ISG engine family is unique to Cummins, giving equipment manufacturers an extremely efficient and cost-effective power unit, backed by the renowned dependability of Cummins’ engines,” Fu highlighted.

“In addition, the ISG series is stronger, lighter, and quieter, and outperforms competitive engines in every benchmark – from power and torque to fuel efficiency, driveability, and reliability.”




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