Rocketmine, a subsidiary of the international Delta Drone Group, continues to affirm its’ position as the drone service providing leader in UAV (drone) solutions for the mining sector.

The company recently announced that it has procured contracts with mining giants throughout Africa. One of those contracts includes a renewal with South Africa’s coal manufacturer, Exxaro Resources Group.

The contract will see Rocketmine providing survey and mapping solutions to the Grootegeluk site in the Limpopo Province. This forms part of their plan to evolve towards the ‘digitised mine of the future’ concept where real-time mine planning and execution can be conducted to improve mining efficiency and production.

Grootegeluk mine is Exxaro’s largest opencast mine in the southern hemisphere. This particular site inhabits various hazards and dangers to the surveyors. The survey and mapping solution was aimed to get surveyors out of dangerous areas to increase safety and data turnaround time.

The drone company said, one of Exxaro’s primary driving force in optimising efficiency of their operations was to meet the demand requirements of the Medupi power station.

Christopher Clark, MD, Rocketmine, explained,  “Our professional service and accurate data have been our greatest advocates. While safety and our cost-effective approaches contribute to a more streamlined and productive output on-site assisting the client achieve their targets.”

The second contract acquisition will see Rocketmine taking to the skies in Namibia, with Rio Tinto’s first commercial uranium mine, Rössing Uranium.

The mine, which supplied a total of 132 610 tonnes of the best possible uranium oxide to the world by the end of 2017, achieved this by optimising the accuracy of planning.

This, according to Clark required regular and accurate stockpile movements.

“The integration of drone technology at Rössing Uranium Mine will enhance operational efficiencies pertaining to planning by providing expeditious accurate data,” said Clark.

Rocketmine secured two other contracts in West Africa. Newcrest Mining Limited in Côte d’Ivoire and Newmont Akyem to provide mine blast monitoring and fragmentation analysis and survey mapping respectively.

“A global cumulate amount for these African projects over the next three years equates close to €1 000 000. These mines are clear cases that the future of the mining will utilise technology not only to find innovative solutions but to decrease their carbon footprint,” concluded Clark.

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