The new generation of the world’s most modular pump range will significantly move the limits for inline multistage pumps, according to Grundfos Lead Business Development Manager, Niren Rohanlal.

Rohanlal, who was speaking at Grundfos’ launch of their new CR pumps at Electra Mining Africa 2018 said, “The new CR will significantly move the limits for energy efficiency, which is extra-important when you are working with large pumps.

“The increases to maximum working pressure and flow will also mean that the new generation can be used even more widely. Engineers working with the new CR will literally have millions of customised solutions available to them.”

The new generation, which will also introduce three extra-large flow sizes, is based on extensive research, development and testing of new hydraulic designs, and engineered using state-of-the-art production methods – including a fully automated and flexible production line, said Rohanlal.

He also noted the CR Pump increased efficiency and maximum working pressure while almost doubling maximum flow to 320 m3/h.

“The new 40 bar standard working pressure is ideally suited for applications like filtration, reverse osmosis and boiler feed. And with its increased 320 m3/h flow capacity, the CR will even be able to take on high-flow applications – such as large waterworks – which have until now been served by other pump designs.”

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