Electra Mining Africa 2018 has provided the ideal platform to convey the full extent of SEW-EURODRIVE’s product offering, according to SEW National Sales Manager, Norman Maleka.

Speaking at a media briefing organised by the solutions provider at their Electra Mining stand, Maleka discussed the company’s latest innovations including the Mechatronic Industrial Gear (MIG) units, which SEW South Africa plans to introduce locally in the future.

Maleka noted that the MIG units are innovative solutions that ensure practical benefits and profitability across all stages, from the initial inquiry right through to maintenance. He said the units represent the convergence of gears, motors, and decentralised inverters in a single handy package.

“This is an exciting future technology for the mining industry, especially with the increasing trend towards automation to cut costs and boost productivity,” said Maleka.

“The fact that we are in a position to not only predict what the technology trends in the mining industry will be in the short to long term, but have already developed products to meet such demands, places us in a very good position to keep our customers up to date with the future of mining. Our expertise and experience in this regard is unparalleled, combined with our 24/7 customer service and aftermarket support.”

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