Based in Kitwe, PSV Zambia Ltd (PSV) has been providing specialised support for mining and industrial users within Zambia’s Copperbelt region for more than two decades, with an allied expansion into the DRC some six years ago.

Forming part of leading multinational WPIL Ltd, PSV works with associated group companies worldwide to provide integrated customer solutions. Within South Africa, these include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) APE Pumps and Mather+Platt, who together have more than 66 years of experience in the design and fabrication of fluid handling management processes.

The underground mining sector has been PSV’s main business focus to date. Key solutions include the supply and servicing of multistage main dewatering pumps. Pump refurbishments are carried out at PSV’s Kitwe workshops, which houses a full range of OEM parts. The capability to service locally significantly cuts down on turnaround times and is especially critical for dewatering operations in the Copperbelt. Here, heavy summer rainfall periods, compounded by generally high water tables, constantly place mines at risk of flooding.

PSV projects include the installation of pump chambers and related piping, incorporating Mather+Platt systems. Mather+Platt is a market leader in the design and fabrication of multistage pumps, which are renowned for their high-pressure advantages. Application examples include the installation of vertical multistage networks designed to transfer fluids from underground to surface over distances of up to 1.8 km.

Pumps are purpose-built to each mine’s requirements, either in horizontal or vertical multistage configuration. Every pump is engineered and manufactured to international quality standards and in accordance with the group’s SABS- and ISO-accredited quality management systems. Design and pattern making for foundry moulds takes place at APE Pumps and Mather+Platt’s Johannesburg facility.

Water, oil and power

The purpose of multistage pumps is to transfer fluids at high pressures and high volumes, and aside from mining, this process finds applications in many other segments, such as water and wastewater treatment.

APE Pumps and Mather+Platt have worked extensively in the water sector. A prime example is the completion of a World Bank funded project for the Blantyre Water Board in Malawi, finalised in 2016. Key solutions included the construction of a 26 km pipeline connecting to a distribution station from a water treatment plant. The scope also entailed extensive civil, electrical and mechanical refurbishment works at Walkers Ferry and Chileka pumping stations.


Other multistage examples include a fuel pipeline running from Mozambique to Zimbabwe. This has been in operation since 2004, with pumps and replacement parts supplied by APE Pumps and Mather+Platt.

The power sector also makes extensive use of multistage pumps. Solutions supplied to Eskom include 100/200 vertical cassion pumps. These multistage units were set up in a vertical arrangement and specially designed for the application. Provision was made for the option to change from mechanical seal to gland packing, depending on future client requirements.

Back in Zambia, PSV continues to grow its base in mining, as well as the allied smelting and refinery sectors. In addition to water authorities, agriculture is another key business focus.

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