Growing demand for dynamite and ammonium nitrate is expected to drive the mining explosives market up until 2024, a recent mining explosives market report reveals.

The Mining Explosives Market Report on Recent Adoption 2016 – 2024, published by Transparency Market Research, states that the increase in private and public investment in various kinds of infrastructural sectors to tap into the rich mineral resources are expected to drive the mining explosives market.

Industrial explosives are high hazard blasting explosives, and are mainly used in the construction and mining industry. Mining explosives account for a large market share in the industrial explosives market. It can be extensively used in quarrying, mining, coal mining, metal mining, and non-metal mining. Coal mining is an essential application of mining explosives.

The report also pointed out that the rise in development projects and tunnel construction across the world is fueling the demand for mining explosives.

“Technological advancements are focused on reducing mineral loss extraction, which provide greater control over rock fragmentation size and smashed rock bulk density and enables superior shift dimensions without vibration influences in underground mines. Prospects for growth in the mining explosives industry are highly reliant on the mining and metal extraction industry.

“Electronic detonators are an emerging technology, which is gaining popularity in the mining explosives market. Increasing infrastructural cost is a restraint for the mining explosives market. An increase in investments in this market is expected to grow globally owing to the increasing significance of supply chain in expanding a country’s growth,” the report revealed.

The mining explosives market can be segmented by two types – by application and by type. On the basis of application, the market is segregated by quarrying and non-metal mining, and metal mining.

“Quarrying and non-metal mining are expected to be the dominant segment in the mining explosives market over the forecast period. Increase in the use of mining explosives for developmental projects and tunnel construction are driving the quarrying and non-metal segment in the mining explosives market.”

On the basis of type, the mining explosives market is segregated into ammonium nitrate explosives (powder form), emulsion explosives, and ANFO. Ammonium nitrate explosives is one of the larger segments of the mining explosives market.

Geographically, the mining explosives market is segmented by Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East &Africa.

The report points out that the Middle East and Africa accounted for the majority share of the mining explosives market in 2015 and it is expected to remain dominant over the forecast period.

“South Africa has one of the key market shares in the mining explosives market in Middle East and Africa. The increase in developmental projects and mineral extractions are driving the market in this region. The rich mineral deposit in South Africa is propelling the growth of the mining explosives market.”

Meanwhile, North America and Europe account for a considerable demand in the mining explosives market due to the rise in metal and mining industries in this region, the report indicates.

“Asia-Pacific is the most speedily growing region in the metal mining explosives market. The rise in the metal and non-metal industry in this region is one of the major drivers of growth. China is one of the fastest growing countries globally in the mining explosives market due to the development of urban public facilities and rail network development.

“In India, the demand for ammonium nitrate is expected to increase considerably as mining industries are expanding in this region. Latin America has a dormant share in the mining explosives market,” the report states.

The key players in the mining explosives market, as pointed out in the report, are Orica, IPL (Dyno Nobel), AEL, Sasol, and AUSTIN. Some of the other prominent global manufacturers in the mining explosives market are BME Mining, ENAEX, NOF CORPORATION, Solar Explosives, EPC-UK, Sichuan Yahua, Guizhou Jiulian, Anhui Jiangnan Chemical, Nanlingminbao, TOD Chemical Industry, Gezhouba Explosive, LeimingKehua, Kailong Chemical, and Yunnanminbao among others.

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