The Bauer Group is a leading provider of services, equipment and products dealing with groundwater and the ground itself.

With over 110 subsidiaries, Bauer can rely on a worldwide network on all continents. The Group’s operations are divided into three forward-looking segments with high synergy potential: Construction, Equipment and Resources.

Bauer profits enormously from the collaboration of its three business segments, enabling the Group to position itself as an innovative, highly specialised provider of products and services for demanding projects in specialist foundation engineering and related markets.

Bauer, therefore, offers suitable solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, such as urbanisation, growing infrastructure needs, the environment, as well as water, oil and gas. The Bauer Group was founded in 1790 and is based in Schrobenhausen, Bavaria, Germany.

In 2018, it employed about 12 000 people in around 70 countries and achieved total Group revenues of €1.7 billion (R27.5 billion). Bauer Aktiengesellschaft is listed in the Prime Standard of the German Stock Exchange. FalCon project On 17 June 2019, Bauer Maschinen GmbH, together with a JV partner, successfully completed the first 228 m cutter bulk sample on the FalCon project in Canada.

This depth had never been reached by a trench cutter in any commercial application worldwide before and the project proved that Bauer cutter technology cannot only be used in specialist foundation engineering, but is also suitable for the exploration and mining industry.

The FalCon project of Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc and Star Diamond Corporation aims to prove the commercial viability of the Fort a la Corne kimberlite fields in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Due to the low grade of the kimberlites, Rio Tinto decided to use Bauer trench cutter technology to provide large-volume, high-quality kimberlite samples for the final evaluation of the project in regards to diamond content and recovered diamond quality.

A Bauer BC 50 cutter on a Bauer MC 128 duty-cycle crane is used for bulk sampling to a maximum depth of 250 m. In addition to the cutter and the base carrier, Bauer Maschinen GmbH supplied a BE 550 desanding plant and other accessories from its branch Bauer MAT Slurry Handling Systems.

The equipment was delivered to site on time and tested in September 2018.

After a long winter break, operation started at the end of May 2019. The kimberlite is washed and bagged into bulk bags for further evaluation in multiple steps by the experts of Rio Tinto.

The Star kimberlite on the FalCon project is covered by approximately 120 m of overburden, which poses a significant additional challenge to the project. Bauer, together with local joint venture partner Nuna Logistics Limited from Edmonton, has now achieved a milestone and successfully completed the first cutter bulk sample to a depth of 228 m.

“Groundbreaking, in more ways than one – this is a significant milestone in using proven technology for a very different application. For us, it means that we will be able to make important exploration decisions on what has been one of the most challenging diamond evaluation projects in the
industry. We look forward to continuing working with Bauer to embed this technology and other new innovations in our programme,” says Gary Hodgkinson, project director at FalCon.

Under the present contract, Bauer will execute several more bulk samples in 2019 on the FalCon project, with the option to be extended into 2020.

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