Canadian miner SEMAFO said that following the deadly attack on its employees, contractors and suppliers in Burkina Faso, it’s operations at the Boungo mine remained suspended.

Benoit Desormeaux, President and CEO of SEMAFO, explained that in addition to the impact on people, the unprecedent scale and nature of the attack has made basic administration and logistics very difficult.

SEMAFO reported that its employees were attacked in Burkino Faso on Wednesday, 6 November. The TSX-listed miner said the attack took place on the road between Fada and the Boungou Mine site in the Est region of Burkina Faso. The incident happened approximately 40 kilometers from the Boungou mine.

The convoy, escorted by military personnel, comprised five buses transporting SEMAFO national employees, contractors and suppliers.

Latest updates from SEMAFO is that a total of 241 of its employees, contractors and suppliers were involved in the attack. It revealed that current estimates are 39 fatalities, 60 injuries, 141 accounted for and one employee remains unaccounted for.

“It will take some time to evaluate the new operating environment and to assess how we will be able to operate in a safe and secure manner in Burkina Faso. Until such time the Boungou Mine operations will continue to be suspended,” Desormeaux said.

Meanwhile, ASX-listed Perenti Global Limited reports that following the attack last week, the number of its employees hurt during the incident remains unchanged at 19 fatalities and 26 injured.

The members of Perenti’s workforce were from African Mining Services (AMS).

“Perenti has accounted for all members of its AMS workforce who were part of the convoy out of Boungou last week. The number of fatalities remains unchanged at 19 with 26 staff injured. We are doing all we can to ensure that all injured people are receiving the best possible care,” Perenti MD and CEO, Mark Norwell, said.

The company also reported that counselling services have also been established for families and employees.

Further, it revealed that the evacuation process is underway for all staff remaining at the Boungou mine site via helicopter.

“Perenti’s objective is to reunite them with their friends and families as soon as possible. We have seen the true human cost of the tragic events of last week and it’s difficult to comprehend. These were hard working innocent people simply trying to provide a livelihood for their families,” Norwell.

He added: “We are doing absolutely everything we can to support those affected and have mobilised additional personnel to assist in any way possible.” Operations at the Boungou mine site remain suspended.

With regard to SEMAFO, it reported that over the past weekend, it began transportation of people by helicopter from the Boungou mine site.

Desormeaux added that many of the people on-site need to be home with their families and to recover from last week’s incident.

“Myself and most of our senior management team are in-country ensuring all those affected are getting the support they require. Our priority continues to be their safety, security and well-being,” Desormeaux said.

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