ASX-listed Lucapa Diamond Company, together with the government of the Kingdom of Lesotho, revealed the recovery of two more +100 carat diamonds from the Mothae kimberlite mine in Lesotho .

The 220 carat stone is the largest of the three +100 carat diamonds recovered to date from Mothae since commercial production commenced in January 2019. 

The 220 carat and 127 carat diamonds were recovered from the treatment of recovery tailings. While the two diamonds are not of high-quality, they continue to underline the large-stone nature of the Mothae deposit.

MD Stephen Wetherall explained that Mothae continues to perform well in its first year of commercial production, the company said, with another monthly production record of 3 096 carats in the month of October.

The new 1.1 mtpa Mothae kimberlite mine in diamond-rich Lesotho commenced commercial diamond mining operations in January 2019 and has already recovered 10 +50 carat diamonds under Lucapa’s ownership.

Diamonds from the 1.1 mtpa Mothae kimberlite mine in diamond-rich Lesotho.

Lucapa is a growing diamond company with high-value mines in Angola (Lulo operation) and Lesotho (Mothae operation). Lucapa’s vision is to become a leading global producer of large and premium-quality diamonds from alluvial and kimberlite sources. 

Lulo and Mothae produce large and high-value diamonds, with >75% of revenues from both mines generated from the recovery of +4.8 carat stones.

Lulo has produced 13 +100 carat diamonds to date and is one of the highest average US$ per carat alluvial diamond producers in the world.

Lucapa and its Lulo partners continue to advance their search for the primary kimberlite sources of these exceptional alluvial gems through a systematic exploration programme, the company states.

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