SRK Consulting (SA) has announced the appointment of Andrew van Zyl as a director of the company. Van Zyl is a partner and principal consultant at SRK, with a focus on strategy, business development and valuation.

He said the rotating appointment as director was a particular honour given that the business was employee-owned with a very personal culture. With qualifications in chemical engineering and financial economics, he worked in production and project roles before joining SRK in 2011. He has spent several years as a technical advisor to government committees overseeing the negotiation of mining conventions as well as rail and mineral terminal concessions.

“My work as valuator allows me to work with a wide range of clients and to engage regularly with multi-disciplinary teams within SRK,” he said. “This has helped me to gain insight into the trends affecting the industries we serve, and the solutions developed by our consultants.”

He plans to use these insights to ensure that SRK continues to align its business to the needs of clients – focusing on the management of ever-changing risks and leveraging the power of innovation. He said he was looking forward to deepening his knowledge of the company while contributing to the skills and experience of the board.

Van Zyl is chairman of the South African Mineral Asset Valuation (SAMVAL) Committee, and is also on the council of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM).

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