Global events and exhibitions company, Specialised Exhibitions released a statement outlining the way forward in terms of schedule shows for 2020.

Taking into consideration the South African government’s interventions in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, Specialised Exhibitions managing director Gary Corin said that company had decided to postpone the Ghana show, Waitex 2020, which was due to take place in April this year. “A large contingent of South African companies was booked to exhibit at the mining, automation, packaging and industrial trade show in Accra in Ghana alongside many local Ghanaian companies. In support of the extensive global efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19, we will be postponing the show until next year, from 20-22 April 2021.”

Corin explained that they supported South African Presidency’s decision to implement social distancing measures and temporarily prohibit gatherings of over 100 people in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. “We are committed to protecting our staff, exhibitors, visitors, suppliers and all stakeholders.”

“Due to this unprecedented situation, we are also considering postponement of the Machine Tools Africa trade show, due to take place from 12 to 15 May. We have a meeting with the Machine Tool Merchants Association later this week to make a decision as to the way forward,” he added.

Corin also emphasised that all other exhibitions in the company’s portfolio were scheduled to go ahead as planned this year as the dates were further ahead in the calendar. “Specialised Exhibitions and the Montgomery Group will respond to whatever procedures are in place locally and globally, as advised by governments and the World Health Organisation. We will keep all stakeholders informed as and when the landscape changes.”

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