Black Royalty Minerals (BRM), with one of its coal mines, has successfully operated as an essential service provider since the announcement of the lockdown in South Africa. The coal producer will continue to supply coal to Eskom without any interruptions, during the level 4 lockdown restrictions.

According to chairman of the Makole Group, Ndavhe Mareda, COVID-19 had brought distress worldwide.  “Across the globe, millions of different business sectors and individuals are currently suffering as a result of COVID-19. Not a single day, had we ever imagined that the world would go through these traumatic events. Lives are lost and business’ ability to sustainably continue operations is questionable. With the optimism we have, we believe this unfortunate event shall come to pass, therefore our initiatives are directed to workplaces and communities at large to curb the spread of this virus. In support of strategies that government have taken until now in curbing the spread of COVID-19, I sympathize with the world and implore every individual to be fully responsible from their workplace to their household, so that we can all limit exposure of this virus.”

BRM proactively implemented safety measures in order to protect its staff members who are working hard to provide South Africans with essential services, further, as a responsible corporate citizen and company operating in South Africa, BRM has heeded our Presidents call for assistance by extending a helping hand to community where we operate. BRM has donated a walk-in booth to Bronkhorstspruit hospital. This walk-in booth will be able to sanitise the full body, it is further equipped with a thermal camera that will detect body temperature. This will assist in the speedy screening of individuals to see if there is a need for further medical examination.

In addition to the walk-in booth, BRM also donated a COVID-19 testing machine which will be accompanied by 1500 testing kits as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) for the medical staff. BRM also encouraged both corporate and private citizens who are able to assist the country’s health system and disadvantaged communities, to do so wherever possible.  

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