With businesses across the globe entering uncertain times amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that industry sectors stand together and rebuild in a structured and sustainable way.

Planning is already in progress for small-tier surface mines under the banner of industry association, ASPASA, to seek ways of rebuilding in order to ensure much needed commodities such as aggregates for construction, salt, diamonds, clay and other commodities become available as quickly as possible after the pandemic has run its course.

Furthermore, its supporting services will uphold the efforts of the industry and ensure that the industry springs back more quickly. With its strong working relationship at all spheres of government including the Department of Minerals and Energy (DMRE), Minerals Council of South Africa technical and supporting committees dealing with social security, health and safety, security, environmental and engineering issues among others it is well set to assist the industry.

ASPASA director, Nico Pienaar, points out that the associations well established communications network and public relations reach, enables it to communicate with and to all areas of the industry from grass roots to managements and all stakeholders. “We are going to have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and rebuild our nation together. That is why we want all surface mines and quarries, as well as their supply chains, to become members and strengthen our response,” said Pienaar.

 The association provides support services in the following areas that will undoubtedly be useful in months to come:

Pienaar stressed that a combined and coordinated effort will be required to deal with future supply, manpower and resources of the industry and coordination with suppliers and service providers to the industry. “Industry associations will play a more important role than ever before and we are ready for the challenge.”

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