TOMRA Sorting Mining has developed virtual testing capabilities to help mining operations with operational continuity.

This enables them to take informed purchasing decisions for their sorting plants. This is the latest action in the company’s plan to provide its customers all the support they need in the current situation and take their business forward.

Ensuring business continuity at this time is very important for mining operations. This includes taking forward ongoing investment projects in sorting equipment to improve their efficiency and the quality of their product. TOMRA Mining is leveraging digital technology to help them identify the best sorting solution for their mine by offering them remote access to its Test Center in Wedel, Germany, which has capabilities for all applications.

TOMRA’s temporary virtual demonstration and test solution will allow mine companies to test the sorting solutions on their samples without leaving their office. They will just need to book a session with their TOMRA sales representative and ship a sample of their minerals to the Test Center, which will conduct the test. Once completed, they will receive a video of their material being sorted and discuss the results with a TOMRA’s sales person and the Test Center experts via video call. With their support, they will be able to decide on the following steps and take the project forward without delay.

Albert du Preez, senior vice president and head of TOMRA Sorting Mining, explains, “At TOMRA, we work closely with our customers to devise the solution that is perfect for their operation. The visit to one of our Test Centers can be an important step in this process, as it enables them to work out with our teams the best combination of technologies and develop the flow sheet for their ore sorting plant.

The opportunity for the customer to see first-hand the equipment at work on their sample and discuss the options with TOMRA’s team provides important added value. This was the experience of John Armstrong, vice president of mineral resources at Lucara Diamonds, who visited the Test Center in Wedel when researching a solution for the mine in Karowe, Botswana. “We gained a lot of confidence in the people at TOMRA, in the technology that they were presenting to us, and the possible solution that it provided to the Karowe mine,” said Armstrong. Lucara has since gone on to recover some of the largest diamonds in history using the TOMRA X-Ray Transmission system installed as a result of this visit to the Test Center.

“With this virtual solution, we are able to provide this support, taking our Test Center to our customers’ office so they can make an informed decision on an important investment. This means that they are able to take their business forward in the current situation,” concluded du Preez.

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