By Ntsiki Adonisi-Kgame
In an exclusive article for Inside Mining’s Women in Mining special interest publication (SIP), Ntsiki Adonisi-Kgame writes about women in mining law.

Adonisi-Kgame is an executive at ENSafrica’s Natural Resources and Environment department. She writes that it is widely accepted that the legal profession, specifically in the mining industry, is still a largely male-led space. This fact presents the women in these areas with many barriers, but also countless opportunities.

Women in the legal profession face numerous issues, which include: under-representation of females at senior levels; inconsistent allocation of work; inadequate exposure; unequal pay with male counterparts; lack of promotion and business development opportunities; and failure to retain woman attorneys, particularly women with children.

Women tend to work while on maternity leave in order to remain relevant and manage competition. Furthermore, female associates consistently complain about the absence of female leadership in law firms, which feeds into their inability to conceptualise a long-term future in the law firms.

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