In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments across the world put measures in place to stop the spread of the virus and mitigate the impact. One of the most common measures was imposing lockdown restrictions.

Although the restrictions have been and continue to be helpful in the fight against COVID-19, they’ve also had a significant impact on businesses as most had to stop operating temporarily, until lockdown restrictions were lifted.

As South Africa prepares to move to lockdown level 3 from 01 June 2020, business activity is expected to gradually increase as more businesses in various industries will be allowed to operate. Bureau Veritas has developed a suite of solutions to support companies of all sizes as they restart business activity. 

Restart Your Business with BV’ is a digital platform offering a suite of solutions enhanced by a digital ecosystem, designed to address the risks specific to all places where people live and work from construction sites and factories to offices, hospitality, restaurants, shops and public facilities.

“More than ever, our role as an expert, independent third party is crucial to creating the conditions for trust in this restart period. Bureau Veritas is committed to deploy all efforts worldwide to help its clients protect the health and safety of their employees and customers,” commented Didier Michaud-Daniel, Bureau Veritas CEO. The ecosystem includes operational assistance tools for companies who want to reassure stakeholders of their compliance with regulations to ensure their health and safety are safeguarded.

The objectives of the Restart Your Business with BV platform are:

  • Ensure that health, safety, and hygiene procedures put in place for the resumption of activity meet local and international regulations, as well as recognized best practices
  • Confirm that the procedures defined are relevant to the specific needs of the company’s area of business, and that they are effectively implemented
  • Deliver a certification or conformity label representing its role as a trustworthy independent third party

“Increasingly, we are here to support our valued customers resume their business operations in a safe manner, with the health and safety protection of their employees and clients being our top priority,” said Sal Govender, vice-president for Bureau Veritas in Southern Africa. Leveraging on its expertise in certification processes and management of health, safety and hygiene risks, the company is committed to supporting economic recovery and robust business practices.

A Certificate of Compliance and a Site Label Sticker complete with QR code and validity date, both valid for a six-month period, will be issued acknowledging regulatory compliance. “Using industry leading local and global expertise, we will conduct independent risk assessments and audits, putting the requisite health, safety, and hygiene steps in place to ensure their business is compliant with local and international regulations,” concluded Govender.

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