With the ongoing fight against COVID-19, mine companies continue to provide much needed support to communities.

Glencore Ferroalloys has partnered with Re-Action to offer support in the rollout of relief efforts to members of the #Khomani San community situated in the Kgalagadi in the Mier Municipal area, one of the most desolate areas in the ZF Mgcawu District, Northern Cape. “The #Khomani San are First people in Southern Africa and there are only 28 crafter families left in the Kgalagadi. Their abilty to make unique crafts and paintings has been passed on to them through generations”, said Sharon White, executive director at Re-Action.

Glencore’s community support initiatives aim to ensure that communities like the #Khomani San are not forgotten during this time as their primary source of income is driven by the tourism industry and due to the restrictions of the lockdown this has been severely impacted. “Through this partnership with Re-Action, Glencore Ferroalloys has been able to donate much needed food supplies to help support families and ensure that this community is not neglected during this devastating pandemic,” she added.

The #Khomani San and their families rely solely on SASSA social grants and selling arts and crafts to tourists as means of income. They are therefore dependent on the tourism trade passing through the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The absence of tourists has made this period even harder to endure, leaving them reliant on support from local partnerships and NGO funding. The collaboration between Re-Action and Glencore Ferroalloys brought much needed interim relief this vulnerable community has one less thing to worry about, knowing that their nutritional needs will.

“As humanity is the only currency that matters during a crisis like this, we identified the need to extend a helping hand to one of the most marginalised communities in South Africa, and ensure that they have sufficient food supplies during this global crisis. It is a matter of extreme importance to us that we do our part in helping alleviate the effects of this pandemic especially to those in the most vulnerable conditions with limited accessibility.” said Conroy van der Westhuizen, CSR general manager at Glencore Ferroalloys.

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