Running a sustainable and successful business is not easy, even more so when you are a woman operating in a historically male-dominated industry. In two exclusive articles, Lindiwe Nakedi and Lara Smith share their experiences as women with successful businesses operating in the mining industry. The articles appeared in Inside Mining’s Women in Mining special interest publication (SIP).

As the CEO of Gubhani Exploration, Nakedi has many responsibilities, which include business development, strategic management and giving direction to the business. In addition to that, she also oversees the day-to-day operations of the business.

Having successfully run her consultancy business – Core Consultants – for the past 10 years, Smith believes that it is possible for women to be involved in the mining industry without having to undertake labour-intensive jobs at harsh mine sites. Her career is heavily involved in the mining industry, but she now seldom visits mine sites.

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