Exxaro plans to launch the De-stigmatisation Campaign which aims to create awareness, debunk myths, and alleviate fears around COVID-19. A lot of misinformation is being spread on the internet – something Exxaro hopes their De-stigmatisation Campaign will address.

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in South Africa and across the globe, so does the social stigma attached to it. Among the perceptions, is that the virus only affects people of ethnic backgrounds, leading to unjustifiable discrimination by their peers.

“It’s easy to point fingers, but that’s not how this virus chooses its victims,” commented Mzila Mthenjane when asked for further details on the campaign. “[This campaign] seeks to educate not only our people but the greater country on the nature of COVID-19.”

The campaign is set to launch in June and will run well into August, continuing its plight to separate fact from fiction.

“We hope that through educating our people, we are doing our part to ensure the country’s well-being. It’s important that we recognise the symptoms but also practise empathy to all those affected, currently and in the future,” Mthenjane added.

He emphasised the importance of corporate citizens in South Africa to spread awareness and curb the spreading of the disease. “That is why Exxaro is looking to be a key partner in national risk migration. We hope that in sharing these truths, we can continue to power a better and brighter future for all South Africans, and in doing so, continue powering possibility in our host communities and beyond,” he concluded.

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