In another exclusive article Lili Nupen, director and co-founder of Nupen Staude de Vries Incorporated talks about the potential of women in the mining industry when they are given fair and equal opportunities.

Nupen is an expert in all aspects of mining regulatory law and in particular, the 2018 Mining Charter and the Implementation Guidelines. The article appeared in Inside Mining’s Women in Mining special interest publication (SIP).

There has been a significant shift in the mining industry since Minister Gwede Mantashe took the helm at the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, including a feeling of collaboration, and a willingness to listen and engage with all stakeholders in the industry.

There is a real drive to include women in mining, which is apparent in the 2018 Mining Charter, which requires mining companies to include women at all levels of employment, as well as at shareholding level. Mining companies also benefit from procurement credits if they utilise a percentage of their procurement spend on goods and services of woman-owned and -controlled companies.

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