Criminal charges against Impala Platinum (Implats) have been withdrawn.

On 17 April, the platinum producer was allegedly charged with contravening certain regulations issued in terms of the provisions of the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2020.

Mark Munroe, CEO of Impala’s Rustenburg mining operations, appeared in the Bafokeng Magistrate’s Court held in Tlhabane, Rustenburg, on 17 August 2020, in a representative capacity on behalf of Impala, in respect of the abovementioned charges. All criminal charges in the matter against Impala as represented by Munroe have been withdrawn.

Implats released a statement explaining that its subsidiaries continue to prioritise and advance global best practise measures to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. “These include amongst other measures, operating in full compliance with all relevant statutory requirements applicable to the jurisdictions where we operate. We continue to collaborate and engage openly with all key stakeholders in this regard,” the statement read.

The company also reiterated its support for Munroe and its management teams, who continue to undertake all operations in a legally compliant and responsible manner.

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