Several mining companies in Mali continue to operate without disruptions, despite a coup that took place last week. Former president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita was forced to resign and dissolve the government after being detained with other government officials by Malian armed forces.

The West African country is home to various mining companies such as Barrick Gold, Hummingbird Resources and African Gold Group among others. For most companies, its business as usual with no reported incidents or disruptions from the coup.

Hummingbird Resources released a statement saying there was no impact on operations and production at the Yanfolila mine, which is located some 280 kilometres south west of the capital, Bamako. “The company’s security team is in regular contact with the operational and management team regarding the ongoing safety of Hummingbird’s staff, operations and assets,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, in its statement, Barrick Gold explained that its Loulo-Gounkoto mining complex had not been affected by the political situation in Mali and operations there were continuing as normal. Similarly, TXS-listed African Gold Group announced that operations at Kobada Gold Project in Southern Mali remained unaffected – adding that the company was forging ahead with preparations for the upcoming exploration program, with 2 drill rigs already on site.

B2Gold’s mining operations at its Fekola Mine were also unaffected. The company explained that no operational days had been lost due to the political situation in the country and all of B2Gold’s mine personnel were safe.

Although the political situation in Mali had no immediate impact on the mine operations, the situation is being closely monitored by the mine companies.

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