The Tshiamiso Trust has issued a warning to people regarding fraudulent activities relating to claims for silicosis and TB benefits.

The Trust was established in February 2020 to administer the silicosis and TB class action settlement reached between claimants’ attorneys and six mining companies. Only the Tshiamiso Trust will tell claimants where, how and when they can claim.

According to the Trust, the claims system is not open yet, so no claims can be made. However, when it does open, the Trust will communicate this to everyone and claims will only be made with a Tshiamiso Trust Claims Lodgement Officer.

There are different methods being used by the fraudsters. Some are telling people to go to Johannesburg to sign papers, and they charge them fees for transport to Johannesburg. The Trust has reported such incidents to the South African Police Service (SAPS).

The Trust is appealing to people wanting to claim to be careful of dishonest fraudsters promising that that they can claim compensation on their behalf. Claiming from the Tshiamiso is free of charge. No one should request payment in return for assistance with a claim.

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